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Little known facts about us:

We used to groom dogs at Winnebago Animal Services when we started our business, we bathed lots of puppies.

Our first customer was a psychic, we had to pick up and drop off her dog, she wanted to trade for a reading but we said no and she paid us all in coins.

We also groomed dogs for Noah's Ark when Chuck and Jan Stewart were running it.

We warm up our shampoo every day so it's not too cold for the dogs.

The owners Sally and Dena are sisters.

We are not an assembly line grooming shop, we take our time and try to make the dogs comfortable.


About Us

One of our representatives will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: 815-282-9663

Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash

We only recommend what's best for your pet.

Our grooming includes a bath, brush out, clipping or trimming (whichever is required), nail trimming, and cleaning inside ears. Prices are determined by the size and coat of dog and how long it has been since the dog was groomed last.

New and gently used pet supplies. You can donate or buy these items and part of the proceeds go to Kibble Korner

Dog Grooming Services We ensure your pet gets the best treatment.

Teeth Brushing

3702 B N. Main St. (NW corner of Riverside & N. Main St.) next to the Cash Store

Quality Pet Food

We carry Eagle Pack, Holistic Select and Nutrilife pet food.

Our Services

Pampered Pet Grooming Est.1984

Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash

We have the only Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash

in Rockford that is a separate room so you can have fun and bond with your dog. This is a perfect thing for owners that have a dog that is aggressive or has separation anxiety.

Sally and Dena started Pampered Pet in 1984 and have always worked with local shelters and rescues either by supporting their fundraisers or by grooming the dogs so they can be adopted. They were on the Canine Classic committee from 2001 to 2013 benefiting the Winnebago County Animal Services Auxiliary Patch Fund but their biggest passion is Kibble Korner the local pet food pantry. Kibble Korner was started in 2009 as a temporary solution for families that were having financial problems and could not afford to feed their pets but the need had become greater and it is now permanent. It is located inside the Rock River Valley Food Pantry at 421 S. Rockton Ave. in Rockford and serves Winnebago County. If you are in need of pet food you can go to KibbleKorner.com and download the forms or pick them up at the pantry, you must prove that you are low income. If you are interested in donating food or money or volunteering to help transport food or need more information you can e-mail KibbleKorner@gmail.com and you can also "Like" them on Facebook. There are fundraisers throughout the year so check our Calendar Page.

For only $6.00 we will brush your dogs teeth with doggie toothpaste and apply a dental gel that keeps working after the grooming, This is a great maintenance service.


We're passionate about animals and only offer the best care possible.


Pampered Pet Grooming and Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash is a full-service dog grooming salon. Our groomers are very experienced and prepared to handle any situation. Caring for animals is a very rewarding job, and we take it very seriously.


At Pampered Pet, we'll only provide high-standard, loving care for your pet. Call and schedule a grooming appointment today!



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